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Braeside, VIC

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Tuesday, 3rd May 2016
We require an inhouse CRM system where we can input sales, orders, input purchases, payroll, sales invoices.

input sales from different account managers
account managers will be able to see there monthly sales volume from sales figures, commission, notes, and be able to see what they have sold monthly.
Be able to access the customers details from previous orders and make new orders.

the CRM system will also be able to give the correct sales figures sold for the month and year it must be able to provide us with all the important details concerning sales, such as who has not purchased in last 6 months.

this CRM must be able to have our pricelists in there.

We need someone that can make a CRM system where are pricebook can be updated very quickly.

Currently all our sales orders and pricebooks are done from excel spreadsheet.

i will need to communicate with the designer to make sure that the programs runs smoothly and properly once it is finalised.

the crm inhouse system must be able to to bank reconciliation from purchase, payroll, superannuation,accounts payable information

we prefer someone who has create a similar inhouse system before, so we may use that system and update and improve it to fit our use.

this system will cost more than the $999 advertised. simply reply if you require more information
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Manoj S.
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Hi Tuan... Seems like the previous task expired. Are you still interested? to discuss requirements and demo of the system that we can upgrade to suit your requirements. Because we already have a base system, upgrading it will be cheaper than developing a new system ground-up.
2 years ago
13. I provide 100% honesty, my Email is not attached here (I do not try to cheat out Air Tasker from their cut) won't nib you out here and there and won't cut corners

14. If you have question - pls let me know : )
10. Free Video how to use the system + free unlimited training and support for 12 months

11. All bugs and errors (if any - usually I don't have any lol) will be fixed with no cost to you for 10 years - (as long as no other person is editing / viewing / printing codes I write)

12. I am about to finish a Problem fixing project for an insurance company in QLD after a 6 team IT ''expert'' provided a non usable system lol - with me there will be no need to fix problem - never created any lol
6. Fast and accurate data entry with Pup up menus, Drop Down Lists - user to select from list

7. Prompts / Alarms to Managers if sale goes bellow 15% (or what ever percent - set by Admin - on the Admin screen)

8. 100% integration to all systems including those that use different number of characters to Uniquely Identify records - No matter how your existing system identifies records to be unique, my system will export data in that format

9. All Excel files will be amalgamated with one click
This task is due in 3 days, you can still assign it to me, I will be a great runner to this task, I provide you with:

1. Ultra clear computer coding

2. 100% ownership to all computer codes provided (I will not resell them to your competitors)

3. All passwords

4. All reports including Rebate Calculations reports as well as Statistical Reports (Average per month compared to Average of last month)

5. Verifications as well as Validation to all / most data entry fields - no garbage in : )
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