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Friday, 17th Aug 2012
Looking for multiple people with HIGH Quality notes covering one or more of the topics listed below. Will pay $50 a topic. You must have scored a Band 6 in the subject in order for your notes to be accepted. They will be put on a website my brother and I have started but that does not mean you lose your right to sell your notes to other students privately. They must be typed (unless its maths), well structured and ideally by the syllabus.

- Julius Caesar and Fall of Rome for Modern History
- SOR Buddhism
- Biology Human Story
- Workplace for Legal Studies
- Social impact of Technology for CAFS
- Crime Writing Extension English
- Namesake Belonging English
- Strictly Ballroom Belonging English
- General maths and 4 unit
- Douglas Mcarthur Modern History
- Geography – people and eco activity (wine making and viticulture)
- Advanced English Belonging – Crucible
- History Extension sample responses
- Geography notes based on skills
- Islam notes with personality study Rabia and Bioethics
- China notes for National Studies in Modern History
- J Edgar for Modern History
- Hinduism for SOR
- Kenneth Slessor Poetry for Advanced English
- Music Notes
- Society and Culture (belief systems and continuity and change)

Look forward to hearing from you :)

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had a squiz at my files and don't really have much left.. I do have a book made by the Board of Studies that has past HSC crime questions with High-level and mid-level questions though. V helpful.
Julian F.poster
Daniel, what typed up notes do you have for Crime and Namesake? Essays and text analysis?
Hi Julian,

I did 4unit English (won the prize) as well as namesake crime writing for 3u english. Ive got a lot of material that includes books and what not and it might be helpful for you to look at them. includes past exams i did! cheers,
Julian F.poster
Hey Vincent, all good now thanks so much for the response. I actually found someone who has really comprehensive 4 unit maths notes. Congrats on your fantastic mark anyways man :)
First comment was too long to post haha.

In what form do you want those notes written? While outputting the notes in .pdf form will be the best form for distribution on your website, creating pdf's is extremely time consuming. Please provide more information about this.

Looking forward to hearing back. Good luck with your HSC exams :)
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