How to use soft boxes correctly

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Sunday, 17th Dec 2017

I have recently purchased two soft boxes and I would like a qualified or semi qualified person to come around to my place and show me how to use them correctly. Things I am looking for - best position for soft boxes, best place to take the picture from, proper settings on the camera to use with soft boxes and any other helpful information that would assist me in taking great pictures.

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Mark A.poster
Thanks Heath, sounds like great advise.
No worries Mark and good luck. It may seem old fashioned but the best way to learn to appreciate your camera and lighting and all that it is capable of is to work manually. Master the basics, develop you own formula and you are half way there. It is always best to execute the images as near the final result as possible before tweaking via photoshop. And always shoot RAW files.
Hi Mark, I spent many years as an editorial photographer. If you google, Heath Missen you may find some of my work.
Soft boxes are wonderful things, what they are do is diffuse and direct light from your flash. As to use them? How long is a piece of a string....Using artificial light well is about knowing what you want to achieve and then work backwards. Given we live in a digital world, testing lighting has become easy.
My best advice is find images you like and try to replicate the lighting style. Do your flashes/lighting systems have modeling lights? What you see is ultimately what you get when the flashes fire.
As to exposure, again all depending on what you are wanting to achieve. In some circumstances you may want to balance your subject with ambient light. In other situations you may want to intentionally under expose your backgrounds to 'lift' your subject.
Look at the websites of Simon Schluter & Julian Kinga, two guys I worked with for a long time who control light very, very well. Hit up youtube for lighting/studio lighting tutorials.
Teach yourself as much as you can before seeking advice of others as they will push you in their direction. For your photography style to stand out you have to create your style of lighting and composition.
And finally, less is always more. Well executed clean images will always stand out!
Good luck. I hope some of this helps.
Mark A.poster
Hi Heath - Appreciate your feedback. I'll have a look at the guys names you mentioned. Recently started an online business so want to make sure the pics are professional. Cheers Mark
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