High ebay selling limit.

Posted by Samuel M.



Due date
Saturday, 23rd Apr 2016
Need someone with a high selling limit over 100 a month. just need to link my ebay by email address and some details then you will receive a email with a pin number

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Samuel M.poster
To get a higher selling limit onit says
To sell more on eBay, confirm ownership of another account that you use to sell.
Here's how it works

Make sure you have another eBay account with a higher selling limit.
Enter your account user ID, phone number, and zip code.
We'll send a PIN to the email address on file for the other account.
Enter the PIN to confirm ownership of the account.
Samuel what are you trying to achieve exactly - link to a 100+ account in order to get a PIN, then unlink? Or are you intending to stay linked to someone else's eBay account and continue to use it long-term?
Hi maddy just want you to know I can help you out pay me %50 in well do everything for you
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