Handyman to repair Blinds and a leaking tap

Posted by Kim D.


Moorooka QLD 4105, Australia

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To be done on
Saturday, 30th Apr 2016
I need a handyman repair of a Blind.

Additional notes:

the strings that hold the blinds together have been detached, so strings maybe required.

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Are you able to forward me brand name, width, drop height or any other details and ill search for price of a new one for you if i can.
Kim D.poster
Hi.... Can u please let me know if u come to see if it can fix. Or if I buy new approximately how much would be.
Hi kim,
I see no one eles has commented to help you out.
Honestly iv only mucked around with our own blinds. I may or may not be able to fix it for you.
Id be happy to look at it for you but cant guarantee i could fix it.
I know thats probably not much help for you. I would perhaps buying a new one when you can unless you know it can be fixed.
Its had for me to simply guess through this site.
Let me know your thoughts
Kim D.poster
Only the blind please . The thread not working properly.
Are you able to attach a photo of the blind to this task please.
And is it just a washer for the tap you think you may need
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