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Posted by Prashant K.


Northmead NSW, Australia

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Wednesday, 4th May 2016
I want to install down lights and a pendant light in the lounge. Also have some shelving to put in the baby's room on a Gyprock wall + kitchen on ceramic tiles.

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Keen to help Prashant. Waiting on pics. I will look after you
No worries, I'll await your photos and then send you an offer, the price definitely will be over $200.

Btw are you supplying the light fittings as well?

FYI most top floor units will have a manhole in the common staircase area.
Hi Richard,
I live in a unit on the top floor. Have a false ceiling. There is no manhole to access the roof cavity. I need to install 6-8 down lights. I will post photos of area when I get home.
Hi Prashant,

How many downlights, what type of house you got and is there free access to roof cavity?
Can you post few detailed photos of the areas you want to install. The cost will vary according to the complexity of the work.
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