Handyman putting up mirrors and tv securely

Posted by Josephine B.


Five Dock, New South Wales, Australia

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Wednesday, 3rd Jan 2018
I rent and am not allowed to drill into wall I need 2 mirrors a tv and some prints securely placed on wall either with a cable into the ceiling or something else

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If there is someone out there who has experience in rentals contact me
Most people in my experience gain permission on the basis that they're obliged to reinstate the wall when they move out
Perhaps a photo of the ceiling gap?
Happy to use sticky tape to mount your tv
Thanks but won’t hold
Are you sure? We can try??? How about sikaflex? Or duct tape?
You can't wall mount a tv without drilling the wall.

Most heavy mirrors will be the same unless you maybe have old school picture rails.

You can get a tv bracket that will mount to the back of a cabinet if you no longer have the stand to match your tv.
There is a gap in the ceiling which can be drilled into with cables if you can do that
Can provide some industrial blu tak if required
Thanks but I think it needs more than that
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