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Avalon Beach, NSW

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Sunday, 17th Dec 2017
ticking off my to do list.

Need the following done

- patch a small hole in ceiling (from a moved light) (tell me what to buy to complete)
- hang hooks into masonry wall (exterior wall) (I have but tell me what screws to buy)
- put a cover onto clothes line (attach it) (I have)
- change two door handles - may need to patch up larger hole to smaller hole for one, drill bigger hole for another) (I have handles)
- install strap for chest of drawers x2 to wall (I have)

All easy jobs, I just can't do them :)

No offers were made on this task.
Can you post some photos please? Eg. Hole in ceiling, door handles (new & old) to understand what actually needs doing etc. Strap on chest of drawers? Do you mean the anchor strap for the wall to stop it tipping? I'm based in Dee Why. Please see my reviews
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Hi Rob, are you still interested in the job? Please offer!
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Hi Rob, here’s the photos of the doors as is, they need the attached door handle out in ... and yes anchor straps for no tipping
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