Get me in contact with Liev Schreiber - No Joke!

Posted by Carrie M.



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Thursday, 21st Feb 2013
I'm working on a film project and would like to get him involved but for the time being do not want to go through his agent.

This task is ideal for someone who knows someone who knows someone. This is a perfect opportunity to make your network of connection work...

Perhaps you know his nanny... his personal coach, a close friend of his, his hairdresser, his gardener... his housekeeper... or maybe you're mates even!

To be considered successful (and therefore done ) with this task, you need to provide me with his personal office or mobile phone number (preferably in Oz).

Please do not waste my time (and yours) if you have no clue how you will achieve this.

Good luck!


No offers were made on this task.
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Carrie M.poster
Hi Venita, I need to be able to speak to him so ideally a phone number for this actor or else an email! Thanks. C.
I good to a lot of networking event and knows people. What sort of contact do you need?
Hi Carrie, I dont think so. She doesnt like talking about Nicole let alone would want to discuss this. She is very private and would probably hang up on you. Besides I would not pass her details on due to the relationship I have with her either. Sorry. All I can suggest is you contact his agent overseas as ifs its a great project they might pass it on to him.
Carrie M.poster
Hi Alexander,

I understand your position, no worries at all.

Let me ask you a quick question, do you think she would be more incline to help if she was (hypothetically speaking) directly in touch with me and knew what this project consist of and therefore she could pass on the info?

It's just an idea. You would still get something of course... C.
I do know someone who can do this but I dont think they will provide his details. Its a direct family contact with Nicole Kidman who is besties with Naomi. I would not want to ask them though as I know she will say no. I have seen Liev a few times down at Rose Bay when he is in town but that was about 6 months ago. Sorry I would love to help but dont want to push my friendship on this girl I know.
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