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Saturday, 14th Sep 2013
I have two sales training books which will be used for me to run two separate training seminars. The books will be given to the students at the end of each seminar ( All in Microsoft Word) must be Microsoft Word Expert with experience preferably with training books
Part 1 and part 2
The content has been edited in each book. For Book 1, the table of contents, index and numbering has been completed. The work that remains to be for this book consists of the formatting, which includes text alignment (at present the document has many inconsistencies in the alignment of text). Specifically, the text needs to be consistently left-aligned throughout the book. The alignment inconsistencies are also found for diagrams, images and text. For example, there are many occurrences where the text is not aligned with the images and diagrams, so that the left margin or left indent differs between the images, text and diagrams. In addition, there are section types in the book that feature in each chapter. These include the sections where questions are listed to be answered by the reader. These sections are inconsistently formatted throughout the book, and this needs to be rectified. Also, sections which feature facts relating to topics covered are also inconsistently formatted throughout the book, and need to be formatted consistently. For each section type in the book symbols are used to indicate the section type. These symbols need to be consistently formatted as well. For example, symbol to be the same size and alignment in relation to margin.

For Book 2, the content has also been edited. However, unlike Book 1 the table of contents, numbering, and index need to be created. An outline for each chapter has been completed for Book 2, which is the numbering and heading structure for each chapter. Due to the fact that the content was originally part of one larger book, the chapters for Book 2 need to be re-numbered according to these chapter outlines. The six chapters which are to make up Book 2 were actually the last six chapters from the original document, hence the re-numbering to be done. In order to create the chapters for Book 2, the successful candidate for this work will be provided with the last six chapters from the original document, along with the chapter outlines for the new Book 2. As outlined above for Book 1, the alignment for the text, diagrams and images needs to be consistent throughout Book 2 as well. Also, as above for Book 1 the featured sections in Book 2 need to be consistently formatted.
My own separate proof reader will check the work once completed for Books 1 and 2, and provide a list of any changes that may be required but it is highly unlikely given that each book has been revised by the proof reader and all changes have been noted and compiled into two reports required. So it is expected that the successful candidate will be able to make any changes after proof reading as required.
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Hi Raimond

Please confirm if this task has been assigned. I am available to assist with the formatting of your two sales training manuals at $15 per hour.

I have extensive Microsoft office experience with editing large documents and have created many training manuals.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Hello Raimond,
I worked as an accountant as well as an admin assistant. I have adequate experience in formatting documents. I am happy to do the task for you.
Do let me know the pages and length of time it might take. I would love working with you.
I have experience in writing and formatting technical training manuals for 3-4 day IT related workshops. Your requirements do not appear to present any technical challenges. I understand that this type of work requires attention to detail and may be time consuming depending on the length of the documents. If you are interested, I can quote an hourly rate.
I have 15 years of admin assistance. Microsoft Office (MS Word) is my forte. I have done this similar task just recently.

Please confirm
- if this is paid by the hour.
- how many pages per book
- when is the dead line?

I'm happy to assists you on this task.
Raimond the best way would either be you could assign the task and then we can discuss things. I can give you my number then. Or you can email me your number and I can call you.
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