Floorplans created from house/room measurements

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Tuesday, 24th Apr 2012
Thanks for all the offers - I've actually found a way to do it myself and have been trying to get AirTasker to take this OFF so not to waste your time. But they don't have a delete function for unassigned tasks!!! ARRGGH. Spend some of the 1.5 million boys on getting a functioning site!

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I work at a property valuation firm and I create digital plans from hand drawn plans everyday, I could do it within an hour of you sending me the plans, and could also sketch up the plans to 3d models if you would like.
I am architect and got software ready. Would like to do it.
I work in the architecture industry & is confident I can do a good job here...
(this keeps posting before sentence finished) anyway, I have experience with drawing programs, just would like to see an example of what you're expecting. Many thanks : )
Hi, can you post an example image of the standard you're expecting?
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