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Posted by Ash C.


Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

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Sunday, 17th Dec 2017
Recently our LG television has started to display a message 'No signal' and isn't picking up any channels.
Access to our areal cable on the outside of the building isn't displaying any wear so we are sure it's a technical issue. Please note: the aerial is on top of a 2 story building.
We have done a factory reset and this still doesn't seem to be working.
Would love someone to please come have a look at this.

No offers were made on this task.
Hey Ash. Saw you recommended me for the task. I agree with Brad. Most likely to be the antenna side. These days the tuner section (most likely a single chip on the circuit board) of tv's is pretty good. And because there pretty good there isnt anything you can tinker with to make it better. A TV shop with a lot of expensive equipment MIGHT be able to see how selective (good) your tuner is and replace it if you have lots of money. But as I said. Very unlikely to be this. At worst the antenna connector might be broken internally and I could definitely come open it up and have a look for obvious damage like that, can also solder it back on if it is broken. If you have access to the antenna and are allowed to unplug it then someone (I don't have the equipment) can look for insertion loss or VSWR (Google it) the line to check serviceability. If its broken or crappy signal you might as well just run a new cable for all the time it take to find the fault. If your appt or house has a Splitter (non powered) or amplifier (requires power) between the antenna and your wall socket I'd start there (might have just been unplugged by someone). But anyways. If it were my TV and I was in a shared appt or house I'd give up immediately on having good reception from the supplied wall socket as I have done so many times in the past.
Doubt it's the TV. Try another one to confirm it's an issue with the antenna.
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