Fix my brown pool so I can swim

Posted by Jasmine L.


Seaford VIC 3198, Australia

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Wednesday, 9th May 2018
Fix the colour of the water make it swimmer ble again

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Hi I can change it from brown to pink if you want
Steve is spot on. I had my own pool for 6 years and this is the only way to get it back. Then the best thing to do is to never get it that way again.
Lol. Couldn’t agree more!! I just keep falling into the trap!
It will take 3-4 days to clear up

I would offer but it’s too far to travel for the 3 visits it would take. So do this

Buy big bucket of shock chlorine from bunnings. $38
Buy a bag of flocculent from bunnings. $15 from memory

Brush the walls of the pool as hard as you can.
Put about 10 scoops of the shock chlorine in and run the pump on recirculate for 3 hrs

Leave stand for 5 hours

Mix up the flocculent in a bucket and distribute into the pool.

Leave stand for 24 hours. No pump


Leave stand for another 24 hours


Should be pretty clear by now

Balance your ph

Add Algecide and stabiliser


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**** that's alot
Lol. Yeah I know. But works every time
Vacuum how
Cheaper option is to empty pool and start again if you don't want to use all chemicals to get back to condition
How do u empty the pool
Hi Jasmine,a couple of question is your pool salt or just chlorine
If just chlorine you need add chlorine urgent.
If salt you need to add both
i would say you will need acid as well and good measure some algi
you pool would need all sides brushed and a good vacume as well this should make you pool swimmable again in no time if i can help out please let me know cheers Mark
I have no clue
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