Fix leaking 2nd floor leaking shower drain

Posted by Paul S.


Mount Colah NSW 2079, Australia

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Monday, 1st Jan 2018
Water leaks to ground floor directly above the shower. I suspect this is a broken shower drain pipe.

The shower floor is not tile. I will attach a picture. The pipe as I can see is also accessible from themceling downstairs via a vent. The vent is where the water comes down.

There is another potiential plumbing job for whoever takes this.

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I can make offer to come out and investigate and fix leak for you but it will at the end of the week
Will make an offer if your happy with this?
Hi paul
Just reading the comments it would seem you have a problem with the drainage pipework
You cut a hole in the ceiling to see what’s going on exactly
Paul S.poster
Thanks Seamus. I have to find exactly where to cut.
Paul S.poster
Thank you Adam for the advice. Ill keep you in mind when we are ready to resurface our 2 shower recesses. they are getting a bit tired.

Happy New Year
Your welcome mate anytime 😊
Paul S.poster
i tried one thing, i tipped a bucket of water directly onto the shower drain. I even removed the drain cover and made sure no water goes through the recess and sides.. the water went through downstairs fast. So Im suspecting its a drainpipe issue.
Ok yes correct, in that case you are lucky it's not an expensive fix. You need a plumber he will cut hole in plaster ceiling repair pipe then re patch. DONOT allow anyone other then a licensed plumber to do this you need insurance ok
I can see your shower is not even sealed but if it's a fast leak your waterproofing had failed and you need to pull the bathroom apart it's a huge job and costs thousands. Tell me if it's a slow leak maybe sealing the shower will stop it
Paul S.poster
Thanks Adam. It started only this morning. I'd say its fast leaking and happened when the shower was used.
Hmmm, I can't imagine it's a broken pipe that's the thing. Is there anyway you can concentrate the shower head away from the shower totally? Put a bucket under the shower head so no water hits the floor ok and if it still leaks it's definetly a pipe if it doesn't leak then the shower floor is leaking
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