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Monday, 14th Aug 2017
I need someone to help fix the wireleuss connection to my laptop. My laptop and mobile phone constantly and continously drops out.
I have changed sim cards and phones but it hasn't solved it. Worked fine for 7 years plus.

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Damon C.poster
Still holding :)
Damon C.poster
It is probably a stability issue, as I am in a black spot ( aren't we all )
Damon C.poster
Ok , I will use USB tethering and see how often it drops out.
Use a live CD ( works through usb drive) like ubuntu, knopix etc and connect to the hotspot and if the connection dosnt drop, its issue with windows (os) if drops then you can try with a wifi usb dongle and verify again , such problems can only be resolved by trial n error , as said earlier begin with different laptop or mobile to connect to hotspot n then work around to conclude the issue
Damon C.poster
Thank you , and I will try this elimination process through the evening, cheers
Hi Damon, From your answer to Grant it seems that the problem remains even with a new phone so that suggests the problem is with your laptop. Could be either a hardware or software fault . I suggest download a "live cd' then boot from it and see if the problem remains when using the alternate OS. Need help? Let me know.

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Damon C.poster
ok , and I did have a version of puppy linux, never had cause to use it. very useful , and my Father in law runs it as a ghost system , seamless with windows.
Can you recomend one ?
I've used Puppy Linux quite a few years ago and it was good and nice and small. Give it a try. My preference is for Ubuntu but as I said plenty to choose from. As your hardware is not bleeding edge, chance are that your wifi will get detected OK by most Linuxes
Damon C.poster
Thanks for the recommendations.
Imho don't waste time with live CD unless you have a dual boot already setup .you can spend many hours of your life with this,
other suggestions is try phone ,or other equipment at friend's place and start ruling out what is and isn't working.
Have you tried bypassing dhcp
Damon C.poster
I am not sure what that is Brett ?
Damon C.poster
I get it , and how would I bypass it ?
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