Fix fan and overheating on 1996 Jeep Cherokee

Posted by Wayne T.


Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia

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Tuesday, 12th Dec 2017
The fan had stopped working. Have a leak in radiator as well. Assuming I will have to source. Want advice first on problem and fixed ASAP if possible.

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Hi I can try to get there tomorrow but can not promise:
Wayne T.poster
That would be great. After lunch would be best. Will need notice as well. Will make it worth your while if you can mate.
I recommend changing both fan and radiator.
First i would check fuses and electronic harnesses for your fans to confirm they need replacement.

Next I would check where the coolant is actually coming from and replace part as needed.

I can do this for you tomorrow.
Would you be supplying parts?
Wayne T.poster
Yeah I will get the parts once we no what’s needed
Hi I am a qualified motor mechanic and would happy to look at this for you. Is the car mobile? Would you be able to bring it to Epping?
Wayne T.poster
No it’s not mobile. In my driveway. Happy to pay you to come out. Assess what we need and then organise to get it done
Hi Wayne like other person said I would start checking fuses and relays. But I would also check if you are getting power at the fans aswell.
Wayne T.poster
I know nothing about cars. Looking to pay someone to fix.
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