Fish pond cleaning point cook

Posted by Nitin M.


Point Cook, Victoria, Australia

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Due date
Saturday, 16th Dec 2017
• Removal of plants, pruning, dividing, re-potting, fertilising, topdressing with pebbles.
• Removal of fish and safe keeping of them for the entire duration of the pond cleaning service.
• Drainage of all pond water.
• Removal of excess organic debris, silt and sludge.
• Removal and relaying of any loose rocks and pebbles.
• Cleaning of filter media.
• Cleaning of pumps, checking hoses and fittings.
• Cleaning and checking lights and other accessories.
• Repair and replacement of parts.
• Refilling the pond and treating the water to remove excess chlorine.
• Adding a pond conditioner to help balance the pH and provide a healthy balance of necessary minerals.
• Adding of natural bacteria to provide a healthy microbial balance.
• Acclimatising and returning the fish and plants to your new fully serviced pond.
• Removal of prunings and debris.

No offers were made on this task.
Sorry Nitin. I've booked those days just after my reply.

Thanks again.
Hi Nitin
I'm sorry. I'm booked up until Christmas. The days I could do It, we're my only days.
Sorry we couldn't T it up.

Thanks for your great communication. Good luck and merry Christmas
Nitin M.poster
Let do the assessment on Saturday morning and job on Sunday as mentioned by you in the below comments
Of course , if you get or take an offer, if you could keep me updated that would be great . Thanks again
Nitin M.poster
Hi Gypsy,
Can we do inspection on Sunday morning and work on 23- December?
Im working next sat, but for assessment, I can do early Saturday. Around 9am? Or another day prior to Saturday and maybe do the job Sunday?
Also, please send a photo. That would be most helpful.

Thank you
Nitin M.poster
What about next Saturday morning
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