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Tuesday, 5th Feb 2013

I need someone to call around to get some legal information for me. Feel free to use your own legal expertise, call up legal friends or even legal firms & ask for their advice. If calling up a legal firm, pretend to be the Executive Assistant of my company, AppThrone Pty Ltd.

I need to find out the following info:

1. Legal Issues involved with running a user generated content (UGC) website. Are there other issues apart from defamation, unlawful conduct, misleading & desceptive content, copyright & plaigarism?

2. What disclaimers & terms conditions can i have on my website to protect me from the above? Please provide me with examples even if you get them from other websites.

3. What online legal services (apart from [Content Moderated] ) are there in Australia where I can get templates for terms & conditions / disclaimers?

4. As the website proprietor, when am I liable for content on a UGC website? What strategies can I use to minimise that risk.

5. Best place to source images for my UGC website without encountering copyright issues

6. Can I use the content on my website to publish a weekly email or digital publication? What disclaimers do I need users to consent to?

7. Best legal firms for start ups in Australia & their contact details

I would like an email or detailed msg sent to me by 5.30pm today.


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