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Posted by Nigel P.


Colebee, New South Wales, Australia

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Thursday, 18th May 2017
I need help for my son to find mewtwo, Blastoise, Snorelax and Garadose.
ok sorry but these pokemon are extremilly rare and one does not exist ingame but i do live in sydney city and if you hand over a gamil account accosiatted with his Pokemon go account i can walk around and look for them, i am 16 and familliar with the gyrados, blastoise, garchomp and obviously extra ones but this isnt a one day job and will require a bit of time no longer than a week and a half Ta
Nigel P.poster
Thank you, I might need to think about this a bit more before I continue. If Mewtwo is not available in Pokemon Go then I will need to wait.
He won't find mewtwo. It's not out. You talking about pokemon go?
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