Find a warehouse for my 21st

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Saturday, 30th Jun 2012

Having a 21st in late September so wanted to have it in a warehouse. Preferably less than $600 hire cost and somewhere around Alexandria. Will have to be big enough for 300 people and needs to be able to have a dj car/truck drive in + be able to have alcohol/music there.

Don't just need you to just locate places, but also get a response from the owners and clarify that it can happen.

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Just to continue on Lil's post, It can actually hold about 190. Hi lil ;-)
Yeah I paid $3 - 4k inclusive of insurance at the top of my head. This place barely fit 500 people and we were at full capacity. Try and look up warehouses for lease there otherwise consider getting a generator and having it outdoors at a park away from houses or look at scout halls..
Andrew R.poster
Hey Drazen, in your experience how much do you think one would cost? Don't want to have it at a bar or club, for a 21st I want it to be somewhere more secluded and I'm pretty set on the warehouse idea, or even just a funky looking space that isn't too expensive.
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Hey Fiona if you could find that would be great. Thanks for the heads up Lily, if worst comes to worst I may just have to downsize. By drive in I mean literally drive a 4x4 in because the car is the DJ (http:// /Media/ / db7416c919c20b17b529185.jpg)
By drive in, do you mean literally drive in or to drop off gear?
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