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Mannering Park NSW 2259, Australia

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Monday, 18th Dec 2017
Looking for someone to extend our paved area approx 1 metre x 3... is guessing a frame would have to be built to help hold them in...

No offers were made on this task.
Instead of a frame I'd hold them in with a trenched border of concrete that comes half way up the edge of the last rows of pavers - low enough so that dirt and lawn covers it. That way it's hidden and the pavers will never move.

Just a bit of input, I can't make an offer because I've got a bad back and digging that ground... nope lol.
Kerri B.poster
Hi Andrew! Would you be willing to come out and explain further? As you can see in the pic, there is a wooden border already, so would that have to be pulled out? We would like it done as cheap as possible as it’s to fit our daughters pool from “Santa” so that’s why I thought a wooden border would be cheapest....
Cheapest yes - you could even just re-use the timber that's there too. So then all you need to do is dig out that triangle of lawn and put some sand there nice and level / flat and lay the pavers on it.
A good trick for making the sand underneath stay firm is mix a bit of cement in it and spread it a little wet so it dries hard.
Whoever does the task will know all that anyway.
I'll follow your task and try to organise time and someone to help do it if nobody else offers.
When do you need it done by? Latest?
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