ESD Report - Built Environment Sustainability

Posted by Evan S.



Due date
Friday, 25th Aug 2017
Looking for someone to complete an ESD report for a proposed Development site
Qualified Landscape Architect
(environmental design), university of Canberra.

Currently contracting to BCC.

Understand the approvals process well and have colleagues who partner with me in the field of ESD who can assist me accordingly.
Cheers J
Hi Evan, How long is report? I can get my ESD specialist to review it and see if it can be salvaged inline with Council feedback.

It's hard to quote without knowing extent of reworking? I can put in an offer to review and provide recommendations - keeping in mind amount offered is not a guarantee the whole report would be rewritten for that amount.

If there was potentially another 2 days work involved for example that would be closer to $1200. Happy to assess and confirm which direction is best ( I.e fix existing or start again ).
I have completed my masters in environmental engineering and was working as assistant professor. Recently moved to Australia. I can help you with this
Evan, is is for a ROL or a Multi Dwelling Residential Development? Do you also need a landscape Plan and ecology report. Worth Design can arrange all three for a reasonable price. It's hard to quote an exact fee without knowing the scope of works and requirements for the sustainability report. But we have the qualified people to ensure a streamlined approvals process. Generally would operate on 60-80 per hour for ecology, landscape architecture, and ESD engineer input.
Evan S.poster
Hi James, it is for a Multi residential Development, landscaping plan has been completed, i have feedback from the council and need to make required changes though not sure if it is best to amend entire report.
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