Electrician for switchboard upgrade.

Posted by Alex A.


Jamboree Heights QLD 4074, Australia

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Monday, 22nd Jan 2018
Need a switch board upgrade. Circuit breakers to replace fuses and RCD installed.

Licenced electricians only.

See photos attached.
Arthur Z.
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hi there Alex

ok here is the price to complete the work, I noted that from your photo there are 2 spare fuses.

I have excluded them from this price but if we need to include them we will work out a solution at the time.

this price also includes the relocation and tidy up of the wiring on the reverse side of the switch board to make both less of a hazard and legal.

I have included the airtasker fee in the price so please be aware that this is the completed work from start to finish.

I have only just on last Thursday completed a simular switch board upgrade with a quick turn around.

if you require a codt break down please feel free to ask.
9 months ago
Sanjeewa S.
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Hi,This offer including labour and materials,for new meter box,bring switch board up to the standard .
9 months ago
Geoff C.
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Hi Alex!
I'm a Licensed and local electrician that would be more than happy to come take care of this for you. But since airtasker has a 15% service fee if I quote the cost of all the equipment here it would be way to expensive so my offer covers Labour, Equipment, Full Test and any Rectification work Required minus the cost of the switchboard gear which we can discuss futher if you like
cheers Geoff
9 months ago
Andrew G.
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Hey Alex,

I have the relevant licenses and tools and am happy to do this job however I strongly recommend having a switchboard in a different location from that meter box due to its size. I can splice a standard size meter box in its place however we would need to discuss that further.


Lic# 75647
9 months ago
can do this Friday, will take about 5 hours.

hopefully there will be no hidden complications,but I will have it sorted if we do.

could come in the morning if you like.
air tasker takes 15% , my suggestion being a large job with many potential complications is get off air tasker and ring around get people to visit in person. Get them go crawl around the place . Don’t go for the cheapest quote go for the quality comparing apples with apples I haven’t put an offer in as operate with open disclosure to customers only doing quality work so it wouldnt be fair on either of us to make a blind offer

Believe me or don’t but parts will be $500-$1000 , labour is going to be 10-30 hours $80-$120h so worst case a complete rewire be looking $4k ish but if all your wiring is fine and it’s just the relocation of Meters and switchboard probably closer to days work and parts about $2k Mark

Good luck
Alex A.poster
Ok thanks for the advice
I’m the man for this job have a meticulous approach that means everything is inspected and made safe and legal no short cuts or cheap products , realistically you are looking at least $1000 in parts then depending on current wiring , board location , incoming size you may be looking 10-30 hours labour anything on this app they take 15% commission so makes it more expensive I could do this weekend or late next week look forward to further correspondence
Alex A.poster
How would parts be $1000? Circuit breakers are about $20 each and a new switchboard itself is about $50. And why 10-30 hours? you mean 1-3 hours?
New wiring rules are coming in to effect, calling for combination safety switch / circuit breakers. These are more expensive. The wiring techniques are a bit more complicated also. There are legal requirements with joining cables, and that is if your existing wiring is up to scratch to begin with.
Master Electricians and other industry sources have statistics on pricing. Much discussion exists on common public forums regarding pricing compared to crappy electrical work.
Mate you have no idea and rcd is about $45 each, a new Meter panel is $250 , smoke alarms $150 , any damaged outlets /lights replaced , your mains will need upgrading at about $7m for cable probably 20-40m , possibly 200-300m of new cable if rewiring required , earth stakes , point of attachments , consumables the list goes on your meters need to be relocated to the front of the house , if lights don’t have earth then all need rewiring , if there is any black rubber cable it needs removing , if the stove doesn’t have an isolator it requires installing , all air cons and hot water require individual isolators I’m not trying to step on your toes but I’ve been doing this for 17 years I’m not just making stuff up , the reality is as soon as you touch it everything needs to comply if you want a 3 hour $100 job I’m not your man , if you want to be able to sleep at night knowing your $500k + house isn’t going to burn down then I’m willing to help out

There is quite a lot involved in a meter box upgrade, even a potential relocation in accordance with the Energex requirements.

You'd be surprised why the mains needs replacing. I replaced an underground mains on a whole house rewire and switchboard that I done and found that parts of the underground mains cable were burnt (as circuit protection requirements back in the day were minimal / nonexistent).
Alex A.poster
So out of curiosity how much would the worse case scenario be for a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house be? Taking into account all the problems you listed
Worst case: Potentially a whole rewire. I once changed a light fitting in a house (which had rubber wiring) which ended up being a whole house rewire. I help out with electrical / lighting design recommendations as well as the wiring work.

Are you renovating / stripping out the walls to expose the frame work? This would make things much easier.

Whether it is complex or not, I recommend being prepared for a renovation.
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