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Strathfield NSW 2135, Australia

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Monday, 14th Aug 2017
Trades assistant and apprentices
General electrical work
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Fully Allocated
Fully Allocated

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Hey mate unfortunately only way to talk is if you accept offer
Sparky for 11 years done a lot of residential commercial and industrial electrical happy to send resume

That's why he's on another profile
Khodar A.poster
Carlo can you please send resume
Andrew I know but tbh I prefer to work full time ATM there not much work but causal out there I have a family to feed so I have to do what I have to do. Brandon I have no idea what your talking about mate again I know your a big airtasker geek but chill my dude you can't single people out like that man you don't what crazy people are out there
$250 a day for an electrician ?
Khodar A.poster
Looking for employees
Hi Khodar,
can you give more detail of the work?
what kind of electrical work you need done?
Where will be the locations of the work?
What's your payment method?
To find out experiences Please read reviews.
Read your reviews of all the illegal electrical work you've done?
Can you provide a bit more information about what exactly the job is

Licensed since 2004, experience in domestic and commercial construction and renovation as well as general domestic work, commercial and industrial installation as well as work with compressors and high pressure air piping.

So how much can you offer?
Khodar A.poster
I may have ongoing work let me know what you will take
Give me more information.

What's the package include? Vehicle? Phone? On the books or subcontractor?
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