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Monday, 18th Dec 2017
I need someone to sell items on eBay for me. Its Hifi equipment that I need to move on. You will need a high selling limit of at least 50,000+

I need 100% feedback and at least 30+ sales already

Thank you

No offers were made on this task.
Mike T.poster
Sorry unable to read your message
Have over 8000 positive feed. 2 million listing limit
I'm unsure why my message was deleted but this was my first

" Hey there I'm more then happy to help you sell your items! I'm active daily on facebook marketplace, gumtree, trading post , eBay as well as facebook buy/ sell groups with over 90k members aus wide!
I'm a new stay at home and have lots of time to spare whilst I'm not working! Every little bit of extra income helps and I actually enjoy trying to sell items I've got 100% positive feedback if you'd like to assign me I can get started immediately for you :) I've recently just sold an item on here for someone in Queensland :)
I will continue posting / sharing the ads until all your items are sold :)
Mike T.poster
I’m selling home hifi components
Mike T.poster
Sorry unable to read your message
I have 99% good feedback is that okay but I have sold 10 things but bought 1000 things
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