Driving companion

Posted by Caleb W.



Due date
Tuesday, 25th Aug 2015
I need a full license driver to sit in the passenger seat while I drive so I can get my hours in

Will use my own car
I'm local just up in Romsey happy to help-out!
The way this website works Caleb is you accept an offer for which you will have to put your account details or card details. Its very legit. Once the offer is accepted airtasker will deduct that amount and after you post complete airtasker keeps its percentage and deposits the remaining amount to the person who completed the task. There after whatever hours you negotiate verbally and complete can be paid in cash and it can be a bit cheaper as there wont be any airtasker fee to pay.
Caleb W.poster
Sounds good mate, I'd accept but I don't feel comfortable with putting my credit card details on this site
I'm happy to pay cash before we leave if that's possible?
free after 6.30 and all weekends
work 9 to 5 so anytime after 6.30 and free all weekends
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