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Sunday, 9th Dec 2012
We need someone to work with on on a number on single frame cartoons for a product we are developing at the moment. Most illustrations will be basic, black & white line drawings.

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Can you please give an example of one of the cartoon requirement so i can determine the difficulty of the task? This is for my costing purpose.
Hi Ben, 20 to start with. There will be more after that. Will be able to give you full instructions on what each one will have to entail. 10 of them will be extremely basic, other 10 slightly more complicated, maybe just some color.
How many single frame cartoons do you need?
Shaun does have a small point there, but some artists like myself only charge $30 an hour as it is. If you are interested Travers, I may be able to help you out :)
If you're developing a product and want a cartoon to help promote it, you may want to offer more money than $25. If the cartoon looks cheap ( which it will for $25 ), the majority of your target market will think its cheap too.
A good artist/designer could spend an hour on one slide. And they won't work for $25 an hour.
Just a heads up.
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