Dislodge pebble stones stuck in ankle joint of PVC

Posted by Helen S.


Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia

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Friday, 18th Aug 2017
Pebble stones sucked in by swimming pool filter have lodged themselves in the ankle joint of PVC pipe. PVC piping itself is in hard to reach place ie under garden bed which we have dug out but still unable to see the location of these stones nor are we able to dislodge same.

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Post pics and I give quote
Ok thanks will await photos, how deep is it to the pipes? And I take it that's it's not too difficult to dig thru to?
Hi Helen, do you have any photos?
Helen S.poster
Hi, No I do not have a photo but I can try to take one tomorrow to show where my husband has cut the PVC pipe in order to get as close as possible to the ankle joint in order to dislodge. PVC pipe is buried in a shallow garden bed and it was easy enough to dig out.
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