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Monday, 15th Oct 2012
G'day all. I'm working on a few business ideas, and I'd like some help designing the websites to market each one. Nothing fancy. Something very simple. I can build the site using tools I have on my Mac (most likely iWeb). Just need some help wording it all and laying it all out in a way that will entice people to buy. I'm posting multiple Airtasker tasks for this, essentially one for each business.
The idea behind this business is simply this:
When I was learning to drive, there was one thing I needed more than anything and that was lots of hours practicing. But I didn't have a car, nor someone to be the full licenced driver, so generally the only way to get my hours up was to pay ridiculous amounts of money ($50+ per hour) for the driving instructor to let me practice in his car, with him sitting next to me.
What if I could have paid any full licenced driver say $20/hr instead, just to let me drive his car around with him sitting next to me?
So that's the premise of this. I'll be that full licenced driver and provide the car.
Help me pitch this?

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I'd recommend advertising your service (once you know your exact costs and how you will make your profit)

Once you get a few customers go from there and build a site.
David T.poster
Thanks Jake. I appreciate the encouragement. Yes insurance had crossed my mind. I'll be discussing it with my insurer.
I have seen someone on gumtree looking for someone to practise driving with offering $20 an hour. I think your idea isn't bad, you may need to look at one important thing, insurance costs.
good luck.
David T.poster
Ok... Perhaps the problem is in my explanation. My ex came up with the *content* for a simple two page website for my video conversion business in about 45 minutes. Airtasker says $20-40/hour is reasonable. I'm going to build it, I just need someone to come up with the best wording for it and find a few suitable pictures. So, now I'll ask this: Is what I've just explained not clear in the task explanation? Or even with that explanation, you think $20 is still too little?
You are offering $20 for someone to do work for you. Irrespective of the industry and the type of work, $20 for any work will get you nothing. I cannot fathom how you even came up with $20...
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