DELIVERY: PIck up & Swap Fridges

Posted by Cherie B.


Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia

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Due date
Saturday, 16th Dec 2017

I have a 500ltr+ fridge to pick up from Ocean Grove to Barwon Heads and pick up small 250ltr fridge from same Barwon Heads location and deliver to Ocean Grove.
Need smaller fridge taken up a flight of outdoor stairs. Have a trolley.

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Hi Cherie,

8.30 am sorry.

Regards Tony.
Sorry Cherie,

Can't hold offer at that price and beyond 8.20 am today, I need confirmation before that time so that I'm able to plan my afternoon. Beyond that time my plans would require me going out of my way.

So I'll check back at 8.20 am.

Regards Tony.
Hi Cherie,

Can do 5 pm Fri.

Could please measure large fridge or post picture.

Also ensure that all shelves, draws and loose items are removed from both fridges in preparation for deliveries.


Cherie B.poster
pic 1 of 2 of fridge to be collected in barwon heads and taken to ocean grove
Cherie B.poster
pic 2 of 2 of fridge to be collected in barwon heads and taken to ocean grove
Cherie B.poster
ill help you with lifting etc and both fridges will be ready so it should be a quick load and unload, load and unload. if anything changes or we strike any issues ill make sure I have extra money if time drags out.
Cherie B.poster
will do tony! Ill accept offer as soon as other fridge person gets back to me which should be within the hour. and ill TRY remember send pics but Ill be ok to help you with you it. the lady getting my fridge is pregnant and wont be able to, so ill have to come to barwon heads as well.

anyway once I accept offer, we'll speak :-) cheers!
Hi Cherie,

Friday approx. 3 pm can do.

Let me know Tony.
Cherie B.poster
Sorry not trying to be a pain but can you do 5 on Friday?. I'm at work til 4
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