Decking in the front yard

Posted by Ludovic L.


Kealba VIC 3021, Australia

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To be done on
Saturday, 16th Dec 2017
Has to built a small decking in the front yard

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That sounds good but I still need to know how big is the deck that im building.
I can come over today sometime to have a look and offer some advive on matetials and costruction.
Hi John
I think the best way will be to
Come and have a look.

It will be on stumps. The whole has already been dig out.
I be using treated hard wood to make the base and I think cheap treated pine to put on top as I got a very Tiny budget.
Hi any dimensions? Any pic of area?
Hi i can do that for y
Hi Ludovic what size is the deck ?
Is on concrete you eant it built or does it need stumps.?
What materials are you using?
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