Daily rate for several timber door fixes

Posted by Greg I.


Clayfield, Queensland, Australia

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Tuesday, 19th Dec 2017
I have 3 door "fixes" that will require some carpentry/fixit/handyman style skills. I think it should only take a day for all 3 but quote on a daily rate (ex materials) and we can see how we go!
Door 1 - Severely scratched by dog (up to 2cm deep and 30cm long). I think the best fix will be to cut out the section and replace + add beading. As the door will be painted, it needs to do completed to a smooth finish - but doesn't need to match timbers.
Door 2/3 - French doors that are little wonky and hence not perfect to open/close. Additionally some of the hardware (locks) come loose. Task will be to adjust the doors/hinges so that the doors open/close freely and also fix the locks/fittings so they do not come loose!

Prefer someone who wants to do the task "properly" and also understand the cost impact of various options (e.g. replace the door vs fix the door etc...)


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Afew adjustments with a screw driver,Packers, and possibly a light plane. Done
You can use builders bog to repair the scratch Marks considering it's going to be painted
It should work out cheaper for you to get the house painters to do it with the rest of the repaint. Dont get me wrong i would love to restore the doors for you i just think its another option that may be cheaper on you
Hi mate i am a professional painter with over 18yrs experience with woodwork ie doors frames windows being my specialty as such am constantly replacing or repairing as needed in regards to both time frame and cost efficiency to clients . Do you have pictures of doors please
Greg I.poster
Hi Matthew. I have uploaded some photos. The bifolds are the ones that are scratched (the painted one is the worst). Both doors will be repainted in February as part of a full house paint. The french doors (there are 2 sets) are difficult to open and the locking hardware comes loose...
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