Daily rate for jackhammering exterior tile bedding

Posted by Greg I.


Clayfield, Queensland, Australia

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Tuesday, 19th Dec 2017
I have about 65sqm of tile bedding to remove (about 20sqm of this still has the tiles... but thats the easy bit!). This is all exterior - so easy access and also (hopefully) years of moisture should make removal simpler.

Two phases to this task:

1. Remove the bedding in a 20cmx15m "channel" (for a channel drain and also to test how easy it is to remove and how deep the slab is under the bedding)
2. Based on findings in the above. Potentially remove the rest of the bedding and tiles

Hence and hourly rate is suitable
Person will need a decent jackhammer (e.g. Hilti) and various chisel bits plus a grinder with diamond blade to (ideally) edge out the channel first (likely to 5cm deep) so the jackhammer removes the bedding neatly along the edge.

I will remove the rubble - though feel free to quote on this if you have a ute etc...

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Ill can do it for free
Ok cheers.. I can do this job for $1,950 remove all the 65meters of bedding.
Any pictures
Greg I.poster
Hi Dion. I have uploaded some photos of the main area ...
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