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Posted by Anthony L.



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Friday, 8th Jun 2018
I would like a Base station made up that a range of sensors can be connected to remotely using long-range Wifi (LoRaWAN).

I would also need sensors made that work off batteries with a range of approximately 300 metres.

The sensors would consist of five temperature humidity sensors and five soil moisture sensors
Temperature sensors would be monitoring temperatures between zero and 50° and moisture senses would be sensing typical soil moisture content.

On the base station I was hoping to have a turret camera. where the base station is located I would have access to power and Wi-Fi

The data would be received via IOT and I would like it processed onto a webpage I could access remotely.

For simplicity the Airtasker would supply all components at additional cost to me.

Im thinking the base station would be a rasberry pi and sensors would be low current drawing devices with alkaline batteries i would replace annually?

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Hi Anthony,

This config can more easily be done by having a single base station inside that is connected to all the sensors, and also the camera wirelessly instead of on the base station itself. This can also be done with off-the-shelf sensor solutions.

If you are interested, please reply and I will do some research tonight and make an offer. Please note: I can only do this remotely.

Thanks! :)
I am looking for a unit that would run remotely via a SIM card based router. It would be in the middle of a large paddock.

It doesn't have to work like that, I am open to suggestions.

I am aware of some commercially available options, but was after a lower cost option.
If you think you can help, I am happy to consider your quote.
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