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Thursday, 17th Aug 2017
I am looking for some people who are comfortable and experienced talking to camera to make a short video recording about where they live.
This will be used in a media campaign for a major Aussie brand. The focus of the project is to capture a snap shot of life in Australia - through the lens what it is like to live in different parts of metro, regional and rurul Australia. This task is simple (it will only take 15 minutes) but the key is a preparedness to comfortably and honesty discuss your town or suburb. If selected, you will be guided through a set of 9 questions - like a video survey.
Selection criteria will be based on your video experience (supported by examples), as well as where you live, and how long you have lived there. I am also looking to capture a diversity of age, gender and culture.
So, in your respose please provide these details:
How long you have lived there:
Examples of previous video blogging:
If successful you will be asked to sign a video release stating that our client (which will be revealed after selection) will be the owner of the video.
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Hey Anne-Marie, I'd love to help you with this, I have experience in talking to the camera and video editing. I made a short documentary for uni this year which would give you an idea of my skills, happy to send it through to you once I'm on my laptop if you're interested. Would be able to record this for you very quickly with my own high quality camera, let me know if this sounds good for you.

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Postcode: 5032
How long you have lived there: 3-4 years, lived in the Adelaide area my whole life
Examples of previous video blogging: Short documentary interview made for university assignment which received high distinction
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