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Friday, 25th Jan 2013

I am conducting a research project and need a list of all software companies that are focused on small businesses as their customers. You can compile this list using [Content Moderated] to research as well as [Content Moderated] , [Content Moderated] and [Content Moderated] .

Please ONLY show interest in this task if:

1. You understand the Saas industry
2. You have a strong research background focused on technology
3. Your research is high quality and accurate
4. You can source information quickly

Each company on your list should:

- Sell their software as a subscription (Saas)
- Focus primarily on small businesses as their main customers (companies doing less than $10M revenue, i.e. not big enterprise companies)
- Have been in business for at least 5 years
- Have raised at least $50M in funding
- Be headquartered in the U.S., U.K. or Australia

Please organize these in to a spreadsheet with the following fields:

- Company Name
- Year Founded
- Market Cap (what is this company worth?)
- P/E Ratio (if they are a public company, get this info from [Content Moderated] )
- Money Raised (how much money has this company raised from investors or the public markets, get this info from [Content Moderated] )
- Number Of Acquisitions (how many other companies has this company purchased? Get this info from [Content Moderated] )
- Dollar Value Of Acquisitions (how much, in aggregate, did this company spend when buying other companies? Get this info from [Content Moderated] )
- Companies Purchased (a comma separated list of companies they've purchased such as "Acme 1, Acme 3, etc", get this info from [Content Moderated] )
- Listing Status (Public or Private)
- Cash In Bank (available for public companies from [Content Moderated] by looking at their financial statements)
- Office Locations (in which cities/countries do they have offices around the world, such as "San Francisco, London and Paris", get this info from [Content Moderated] )

A few companies to include on the list to get you started:

- [Content Moderated]
- Google
- Intuit
- GoDaddy
- VistaPrint

I would like the list to include at least 100 companies. There are hundreds and hundreds out there and this is a detailed research project, but it shouldn't be hard to complete.

You should have a good understanding of business, finances, research and the technology space to complete this job.

As you can see, this is a $200 job so your research should be thorough and accurate. This will take at least 5 hours to compile, probably 10 to 15 and this research is critical so it needs to be 100% accurate.


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I have good research skills but not very familiar with the industry so will take a lot longer than 5 hours to complete, esp with the amount of detail you require !
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