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Thursday, 8th Mar 2012
I need at least 500 original words written for publication on a website about why on-line businesses need to use search engine optimisation (SEO)

Prefered format would be;
What (what is SEO)
Who (who should perform SEO services)
Why (why do you need SEO. Expand on reasons why SEO is needed and highlight the benefits)

Include one copyright free image relating to SEO for publication on a website.

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Hey guys, just letting you know that you can always make an offer that's higher than what's posted :)
Ah, yea I studied software design at school, hence my limited knowledge of SEO, but am studying something else at uni. It would take me prob a half to full hour to make, save and pass on a satisfying image to give anyone, as I somewhat pride myself on what I produce. The writing, given, might take again another half to full hour, so maybe an IT student would be better suited if you're looking for the task. I'll link a friend I know in and see what he says. :)
Mark J.poster
Thanks Helen (and LC).
500 words was a bit ambitious ;)
200 would probably be ok but there it seems there is no way to modify the task description once it has been posted.

I thought 15minutes @$20/hour would have been ok for a student that has already studied SEO.

The image was just to tie things together, but I agree with your comments that a seperate task for the image would be to way to go as two different skill sets are required.
But yea, like L C said, this is a huge task, I don't claim to be a professional at either aspect. The people I do know who do this for a living make more than I'd charge for the task per hour.
Well I've just finished a basic uni course looking at creating such images, so I'm happy to give that a shot. As for writing 500 words, really not my thing lol. I would have to do some research (dig out old text books from my software design days) so def. not worth $5. So maybe $40-50 for the lot or $15-20 for the image if you post that as a different task? =] Thanks for the quick reply too.
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