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Edmondson Park NSW 2174, Australia

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Monday, 21st Aug 2017
Hi, my partner and i (we dont have kids) are looking to free up some time. We are hoping to find someone to visit our home in Edmondson Park 5 days a week in the morning to do the following: (any 5 out of the 7 days but preferably monday to friday)

1. Grocery shopping once per week
2. Wash laundry once per week
3. Empty rubbish bins when they are almost full
4. Fill up water dispenser/bottles
5. Make the bed each day
6. Change and wash the bed linen weekly
7. Cook/prepare breakfast each day. Cafe style hot meals some days, smoothies and toast others or muesli and fruit etc. Just mix it up.
8. Cook/prepare a large meal each day to feed 4 people. Store it in 4 seperate containers (we provide the containers) my partner and i will heat it up later for lunch and dinner.

We will pay $80 per day. Which would be $400 per week i you work all 5 days. (There is a $120 per day, 3 days a week option, if that works out better for you) you could decide what you would preferWe are flexible with time, and when you choose to do each task, just as long as it all gets done each week. Start time on the days you choose to come can be anytime between 6am and 8:30am so breakfast is not ready too late in the day.

This is an ongoing task. Not a one off so looking for someone who plans to do the task for months/years. Also you should be a good cook. We dont expect chef quality but do expect the person to put in effort to make the meals nice.

We will provide you with a debit card for you to purchase the groceries.

This may make it a bit trickier, we eat mostly organic food, (not strictly but prefer to get most ingredients organic) which you could physically go to an organic food store or order online off doorstep organics. We also dont eat meat, fish, eggs or dairy which may seam difficult but it is actually really easy as there is plant based alternatives to all those products, including cheese's, butter, egg, milk etc. And we can provide you with plenty of recipes and advise, it actually is no harder cooking without those products.

Please state which suburb you live in and your method of transport in your comment please
Hi i can get this done. I currently help out a few other families with cooking etc too.
Hey, my name is Dimitra and I'm in Edmondson Park. I'm comfortable doing all of these as I am a Greek house wife lol so if that appeals to you, let me know because I have a couple of questions.
Hello friend, I'm Carlos, I'm living in Waverton North Sydney, with the train. Im available, i have experience in cook. I prefer 3 days per week.
Thank you
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