Come to my house and scan my Cats microchip for me

Posted by Emily S.


Northcote, Victoria, Australia

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Thursday, 24th Aug 2017
Hi All,

For the back story I lost a cat nearly a few years back and *thought* this woman had found my baby as everything about the cat pointed to it being him. Now "he" has had an odd week or so of acting as though "he" is a female cat on heat. I love "he/she" and she was obviously stray either way when found as she had quite a few battle wounds. I am wanting to check if the cat is microchipped (could still be my boy who is microchipped) without paying ridiculous vet fees (and risk having hr taken from me unexpectedly) or buying a microchip scanner online!I would love to find out and have the opportunity to contact the owners myself if she's someones beloved.

If anyone has one of these devices that reads Aus pet microchips and can help me out that woud be awesome!!

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I think she was worried that it might not be her cat and then she'd be left without a cat. I'm not sure if she has considered that if it isn't hers the real owner is probably just as disheartened.
I assume it is a very fluffy cat and that lifting the tail or parting the fur has been a battle since the return. If this is the case pinning it down to read the microchip might be a task too. If you don't have any luck with the microchip. Males scent territory by rubbing glands. Has he lifted his leg to spray? If you raise your hand while stroking the tail many cats will lift their tails to meet your hand. It's a good time to have a quick look to check.
Emily, unfortunately I can't help with the task. But without sounding silly, can you not tell by looking if it is a boy or girl? I have a male cat and female dog you can definitely tell by looking which gender they are.
Sometimes with cats it's pretty tricky, I thought that my old cat was a girl until "she" was desexed and turned out to be a boy
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