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Posted by Michael W.



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Tuesday, 12th Sep 2017
Need website coded up. site has already been designed in Wix and has content already. Site will need merchant/buying facility.
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Mohan S.
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WIX support online store and Payment, and do this task on WIx or ay other open platform (which may give more freedom)

1 year ago
Jeremy D.
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Hi Michael,

Since you will be taking payments I highly recommend Shopify. Of course you can have buying functionalities on wordpress/wix and many others but these platforms are not primarily built for ecommerce and so any body working with them needs to add more layers of complexity to achieve functionality such as ecommerce.

The shopify platform is perfect for what you described above. Basically for the cost of decent hosting ($30/month) you get your website delivered on a superfast CDN and 24/7 support among plenty of other offerings - You won't likely need support as Shopify is a SAAS platform and everything just works, but it's there just in case.

I've helped a few other airtaskers setup shop on Shopify and even converted a wix website into a shopify site pixel for pixel.

If you have any questions ask away, otherwise if you think it sounds like a good option get in touch and we can go from there.

Also if it turns out your site isn't too complex we can look at reducing the price.


1 year ago
Thomas H.
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Hi Michael, my quote is to remake / convert your website into Wordpress on your hosting platform and have it completed as per any of your requirements.
1 year ago
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If you want to edit theme files though they require liquid knowledge. For example if I want to add an external font on h2 for specific pages, I would need to place that within the script files. I worded my explanation incorrectly. If I wanted to add a category dropdown within a single product checkout? Liquid files again.

Shopify won't allow you to manipulate much within the product other than the set standard files. Unless you know how to edit the liquid files which Mike would have trouble doing.

Saying that you get what you pay for with Wordpress is ignorant. Wordpress is comparable to Magento and they are both free CMS's and are extremely versatile. People selling Shopify builds have little to no technical knowledge, hence why they sell people Shopify builds.
We both use other companies CMS's primarily because we want to give our clients the ability to add dynamic content and we don't see the value in re-inventing the wheel when we want to offer small businesses solutions such as required for Michaels website.
At the end of the day with Wordpress and Magneto you have ultimate control over every aspect of the site, but with great power comes great responsibility. Remember you are ultimately responsible for things that can go wrong with payment transactions and compliance. When Wordpress gets hacked again next week as it does every other week, what guarantees do you offer? Who's going to be responsible? though it should be you.. it won't matter, cause you won't be liable. The only loser will be the business and it's customer's data. With Shopify All payments and compliance are taken care of by them - It's a huge piece of mind for me and my clients.

So you are very confused when you say Shopify developers have little technical knowledge - it's quite to the contrary Thomas. A good shopify developer such as myself is fluent in Ruby/liquid/rails and all the basic web technologies. We know where to best spend our time and effort to achieve the best results but most importantly where not to waste time and implement unnecessary risk such as rolling our own payment solution or in your case bootstrapping someone else's payment solution to a blog platform just so we can proudly boast in an internet forum that we have technical knowledge.
Sorry Michael - this process can get a little heated :)

but in the end you only stand to gain as you get lots of food for thought allowing you to make a better informed decision.
Hi Michael,

As Jeremy has mentioned Shopify is pretty simple. However, if you want edits to layouts, fonts, extra functions or even additional gateways such as zippay, it requires extensive coding knowledge. Wordpress is used by more than 20% of the websites worldwide, super simple to set up and add anything yourself later down the track. You don't pay a monthly fee, you can pay for hosting for as little as $5 a month.

Let me know
Hi Thomas,

Just so you know, Layouts, fonts and Payment gateway changes on Shopify are done with the click of a button - anyone can do it. They have a super simple user interface designed for merchants that doesn't require any code manipulation. With gateways, the best choice is Shopify payments as there are zero transaction fees and credit card rates are 1.75% + 30ยข for Australian cards.

Also being that it's free I understand Wordpress is popular, though you always get what you pay for which is why I also steer clear of it and $5/month hosting - It's just not worth it when it comes to business as the amount of money you stand to lose far outweighs the price difference.
Hey Mike,

Wordpress is a free cms so only paying for your existing hosting services. I can integrate merchant services for the user to purchase items/book classes.

Thanks :)
Hi Michael, I'm a senior JS Dev. JS alone will not get you integrated with a merchant facility, as that requires backend integrated (and unless you're using Node.JS, it's not going to be JS).

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the quick reply. I am a novice when it comes to this.

I have an existing website which was developed by someone else. The site was old and needed a major overhaul. I created a new site using Wix (thats the extent of my expertise) and basically need what I have done using Wix translated into whatever code is suitable so that the code can simply replace the existing site. Plus it need to have merchant capability for people to easily buy off the site. it won't be huge as it is for a drama school with about 4-5 different class fees so pretty easy I suspect.

Hey Mike, so basically you need the website converted into a different CMS/platform, so it's modern. I specialise in Wordpress which is probably preferable as it will be hosted yourself and editable with a bit of help.
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