Clip my Miniature Foxies nails

Posted by Lana L.


Deer Park VIC 3023, Australia

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Saturday, 30th Apr 2016
Someone experienced who definitely knows what they are doing to clip my 3 year old mini foxie's nails TODAY. Would prefer someone with ledgitment Pet Grooming skills, or who works with Animals on a daily basis.

Her nails are quite long and beginning to look painful and irritated. She nibbles, cleans/licks her toes/padns as soon as she lays down 😞

I am to worried doing it myself as she always flinches at last minute, and gives me looks as if im torturing her. Ive tried several pairs of dog nail clippers ive even tried a dog nail filer, i just cant bring myself to do it πŸ˜₯

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Lana L.poster
I do not have the transportation to get to a vet that has no general consultation fees or upfront fees
Hi Alana, most vets (sometimes the vet nurse) will clip a small dog's nails for a minimal cost. Why not ring around some local vets?
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