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West Melbourne, VIC

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Due date
Tuesday, 2nd Apr 2013
Job 1:
Specialists and analyst in street addressing:
That have experiences in street Addressing implementation. They should have experience and knowledge about the design and implementation of street address system. They should have been exposed to different addressing systems standards and the best practices in the world for implementing address system. They should have worked practically supervised and worked on the creation of street addresses. Specialists should have design and supervisory skills. Analysts should have practical experience on the implementation. They should have decent experience:

1- In defining the elements of a street address
2- In defining the streets (the start and end points) from an addressing perspective and according to urban planning concepts and criteria.
3- Of the different methods in numbering /naming the streets
4- Of the criteria and guidelines for selecting street names
5- Of assigning Road types such as highway, service road, alley ring road from an urban planning aspect.
6- In defining the city origin for addressing
7- In defining the Districts areas and boundaries according to Urban planning concepts and criteria
8- with the criteria and guidelines used to select district names
9- Of the entities to be addressed such as single houses, villas, organizations, structure , plots, multistory building …
10- Of the methods of numbering when the space different types of entities empty space, irregular structures …
11- Of special cases in numbering such corner site numbering, Building with multiple road frontage, structure with multiple entrances, service road lane numbering ,cul-de-sac numbering,
12- Of rural and remote areas numbering such as farms, rural ranches and houses.
13- Of Geocoding the addresses.
14- Of standards and processes involved the GIS implementation and management of the street addresses.

Job 2:
Specialists and analysts in Street addressing Signage:
That have experiences in Street addressing Signage design and implementation. They should be acquainted with the design of the District name signs, Street name sign and Building number signs. Specialists should have design and supervisory skills. Analysts should have practical experience on the implementation .They should have decent experience:
1- In defining the location of the district and street signs such as to facilitate the way finding. Based on urban planning concepts and criteria
2- In dealing with all types of street intersection such T junctions, Crossing, roundabout, dead ends, intersection of different types of roads such as major with minor roads.
3- in the design of the sign in terms of face element such as content ,lettering and color
4- in the design of the signs in terms of sign material and lighting
5- in the application of different types of the signs to different street types such major roads internal roads,..
6- In street signs branding approaches to reflect the local identity of the area.
7- In community facility direction signs such as towards government agencies.
8- In property number plate design in terms of size and content
9- In property number plate locations on the building façade. And on entrances of farms and complexes.
10- In creating the signage map to be used as guide for the sign installation
11- In the supervision of the sign manufacturing
12- In the installation of the street, district and property signs on the ground.

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