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Tuesday, 22nd Aug 2017
Need someone that has knowledge in business valuations to give advice.


there is a product that i have developed extensively over the last year and is near finished and release soon.

There is now a investor who is willing to invest and I am willing to share 20% of my new company with this investor.

The new investor has said that he can potentially have my product sold worldwide and he has the right database for my market.

How do I value my company if we haven't sold any units of my product and don't have any customers as yet?

I am offering this investor 20% of what?
James S.
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In summary Business val is based on future profits. As a long term business consultant I can assist with this. See my profile.
Jamie M.
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Hi Ned If you are serious, I can make a proper valuation for you. I was a stockbroker for 21 years and valued companies Day in day out. What you asking for is at least a day if not two days work to be done properly.
I have advice
Shiva P.
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You can accept my offer.
WACC is the weight adjusted return to Debt and Equity. It's a simple calculation which gives a risk adjusted discount factor. It's the appropriate discount factor to be applied to FCF *free cash flows.
Future profits over time are not equivalents and are not additive in terms calculating value, hence DCF methodology.
Ned K.poster
Hi James. Thank you for your reply. this sounds interesting. What she would be involved in getting some advice off you?
Project net cash flows (after tax) discount to net present value.
Discount factor?😁
You question yourself things such as.. If you have shown your product off to friends/family, how well was it received?
Did they show any interest?
Have you had any interest from people wanting to purchase this product?

You have to evaluate those answers for those questions and thus giving you a potential sales estimate/growth.
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