Burn and deliver a CD in Houston, Texas

Posted by Dudi I.



Due date
Friday, 26th Jul 2013
I need to deliver a CD to someone in Houston.
The task is to download a zip file from a website. (I'll send the link via email)
Extract the zip file.
Burn the content on a blank CD
And deliver it to a specific location

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HI Alexa! Can you tell us about your epic air task this week?
Hi Dudi, sorry, I didn't see this in time:). Was already on my way home. Also didn't have a lap top with me for burning CD. Houston, like most cities is also not very easy to get around in. Would have involved expensive taxi rides or hire car. Maybe hardly worth it. AUS post would have actually been a lot cheaper:) thanks for thinking of me though and good luck with your delivery.
Alexa still might be in Houston based on a previous task...
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