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Posted by Claire C.


Haberfield, New South Wales, Australia

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Sunday, 7th Jan 2018
I'm having friends over for some woodfired pizza, however I'm not very good at building fires, and the fire needs to be going a good three hours before guests arrive.

So I'm looking for someone to help build a fire in the woodfired pizza oven.

Must come over between 10 - 11 on Sunday, in Haberfield. Once the fire is built, I can keep it going for the next few hours.

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Happy to help with this. I'm a real outdoorsman and have built many fires over the years. See attachment for proof.
Hi, Claire. I would like to know for how long you need help? I'm at Stanmore so right next door I might so I think you're helping
Hey Claire,

I’m just going to tell you how to do it;
1. YouTube it or
2. Stack the logs in a cube formation as best as possible. Have the larger logs at the top and the smaller ones at the bottom. Keep sticks/twigs/kindling etc for starting the fire. Go buy a couple of fire starters from Bunnings and just light it up and you’ll be ok
Claire C.poster
Hey Nathan! Thanks for the tips - honestly it's more that I'm usually pretty busy prepping pizza ingredients and so it's just easier to outsource the fire-building aspect
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