Aux and USB installation to head unit

Posted by Carmela S.


Windsor, Victoria, Australia

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Saturday, 20th Jan 2018
I have an older Lexus and I want to keep the head unit but install an aux and USB cable into the car to play music.

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Hey Carmela do you have a factory head unit or is it an aftermarket head unit?

Hey Carmela, In order to just install the aux, the module will set you back 134.99 and labour will be 100. It’s most likely the easiest way to do it, and the cheapest instead of installing an entire new unit
LET me have a think! Thanks
No problem Carmela! Let me know
I don't think the USB cable can help you to play music. It needs a decoding device like mp3 player or so.
After you installed the Aux, if you need bluetooth connection with your mobile, I have one which I am using in my old car too, can share with you another brand new.

Yes, aux is the independent port
How much to just install an aux?
Sorry I don't know, just to share with you as my car is old too, but with the aux. I bought a bluetooth connecting device to sync my mobile with the car audio.
Carmela, if it’s a factory head unit then you can’t just add some cable. If it didn’t come from factory then it can’t be done.

However depending on the model, we may be able to fit a head unit with USB and aux features for a decent price.
It’s a factory head unit for sure
What is the car model?

Did you say you already had Bluetooth installed? Is it a Parrot system?
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