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Posted by Rebecca P.


Wollongong, NSW

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Saturday, 13th Apr 2013
I need someone to arrange focus groups for market research. We would like to talk to 5-10 mothers about our website for approximately 40 minutes. Ideally this would be a private location but may also be a public location.

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FYI everyone, I just extended the due date of this task. Terry is a confirmed Tasker, and I think the task needs to be open for me to pay her. Also, I'm still interested in getting more bids.
Thanks Rebecca... That should be fine... My husband has done a few of these things and has been paid... Not that I'm asking for that at all... I'd be happy to host it at my tiny place (can still fit 10 people in) but I don't have broadband... Unless you have somewhere more formal in mind... my email address is mrs underscore lapa at ....
Hey Aurora G,

Location is one of things I need someone to be able to take care of.

Hey Terry,

Thanks for the reply! I'd be happy to share more details with you via email or phone call. Basically, we'll have a short presentation (3-5 min), ask you to use the site (we'll bring laptops), have a discussion, and take a short survey. Compensation? We're a startup and funds are in short supply, but we'd be happy to run off to Michele's for a cake :)
Hi I live in wollongong and can prob organise that many mums for you in a less formal setting... Are there more details and for 40 mins is there any compensation for the mums?? (Me included ;))
Hi Rebecca, I used to work in market research so am experienced in organising focus groups, recruiting respondents as well as conducting interviews. I can organise a focus group for you but I will need the time and place to be set before I start recruiting people. Also, it would be easier to recruit people if it was for one on one phone interviews than for them to go to a location for 40mins. Let me know what you think.
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