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Sunday, 27th Aug 2017
This is a listing for the first 40 calls to see your style.

We require outbound Teleappointers to make phone calls out of a CRM for various products and services. Selling in to the US mainly.

You can do this part time after hours.

Only B2B.

Please apply if you are an experienced outbound telemarketer that can work from home calling Businesses.

Must have a computer, proper headset and of course Internet service.
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Fully Allocated

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Hi Chris is this still available?
Sorry for the late response. Hi Chris,

We have a lot of telemarketing campaigns from internet/VOIP services, surveys, appointment setting for cleaners, cable subscription shift, computer break fix, technical support assistance for TV installation and we even sold chairs for churches all over Australia. The thing is, we can not divulge any specifics as regards these campaigns due to privacy issues and non-disclosure agreements.

We normally charge USD$10.00 per hour at 40 hours a week for our clients but if you really are interested we are offering for a limited period a special client discount for our telemarketing services for only USD$5.00 per hour at 40 hours a week (USD$200.00 + 4.4% Paypal Fees WEEKLY) . We use USD$ because we have clients from all over the world and we use a uniform currency for PayPal.



I just would like to remind you that in case we will be running a B2C campaign, that is calling consumer clients of yours, you will need to provide us with WASHED LEADS, because we strictly adhere and comply to the Do Not Call List regulation. However, if you are to run a B2B campaign, that is a Business to Business campaign, the DNC regulation does not apply. This is very important because since we will be calling using your company name and we don't want you to get any law suit and all for non-compliance.

Feel free to call me.
Hi I have a bit of a problem making an offer. As I don't have mobile number and only have landline will this be a problem and we'll be working remotely from the Philippines. We do have a physical contact centre here. Thanks heaps.
Hi, we can accommodate all 5 Appointment Setter. We have run the same campaign for Cleaning company and still working with them until now. We cater mostly OZ clients. We offer $10 per hour, but since we have a promotion we can give you 50% discount and we can run the campaign for $5 USD per hour. Let me know your thoughts.
Chris I.poster
Please make and offer with $5 and I will accept it.
Sure. $5 USD per hour per Agent. Check our website
Chris I.poster
ok. please make an offer.
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