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Sunday, 12th Aug 2012
I am actually looking for someone to join me as a co-founder, not an employee, for a start-up that is meaningful and could make a difference in people's lives. It is socially motivated and not financially motivated, hence I am looking for like-minded partners rather than employees. The idea is completelyoriginal and it is to create an uniquely new way for strangers to connect, share, and grow together.

If this interests/intrigues you, feel free to contact me.

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Jacob C.poster
Hey Mitchell, have not heard back from you, did you get my other message? Are you still interested?
hey mate, would be interested in having a chat. I'm not a developer myself but have some working for me.
Perth might be a bit far from Melbs, but Victoria start up would do! ;)
Jacob C.poster
Thanks for the comments guys, I thought I try my luck here before I go to one of these start up events as I have not a clue what to do there or how to find the right people, though I will definitely do that if this doesn't work out.
@Farina - I am looking for a web programmer as the project cannot take off without one.
I'd suggest you go to the Perth StartUp Weekend in September Jacob: You'll find heaps of like-minded people there and get good feedback on your idea too.
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