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Oxley, Queensland, Australia

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Thursday, 14th Sep 2017
Hello and thank you in advance for your interest in my task.

Task: Advance my tree climbing skills in general, knowledge of climbing equipment (help with upgrading my equipment), roping in relation to palm trees.

Length of time: Half a day's instruction - minimum 4 hours.

Required: Experienced in tree climbing; use of SRT techniques; exemplary safety record (no offence intended, but cowboys/girls need not apply.)

Hoping for: Experienced in tree cutting, in particular palm trees; pruning of palm trees; spur and spur free climbing of palm trees; hazard identification palm trees - identifying those safe to climb.

Not required: Certification (self-taught is 100% fine with me if I can see you clearly know what you are doing); currently working in the field (retired, semi-retired, given it away entirely, all good).

Location: More than willing to travel to you anywhere within one to two hours distance from Brisbane CBD (if we negotiated a reasonable fee for a full days training, then I'd be more than happy to travel further and stay overnight somewhere near-by).

Below I've provided some background detail to help you decide if you are the right person for this.

Thanks again,

Kind regards,


Background Information

I love climbing and cutting trees, specifically palm trees. I'm never happier than when I'm high up in the trees.

I climb to prune and to cut, but also for recreation. Both are a good break from my normal work which does not require physical skill, and involves no real risks. So if all you do is climb trees, would still love to hear from you.

I am no threat to full-time arborists. I do this for pleasure when and where I can. More often than not I do it at cost for those who would never be able to afford to pay full rates, such as pensioners and single mothers. I just want to advance my skills in this area.

Unfortunately, in Brisbane, the opportunities for training, aside from 'expensive' vocational training, are practically non-existent, unlike places such as America where you have more opportunities than you can shake a stick at (no pun intended).

The best way I learn is through verbal instruction while doing something. Being shown is fine, but it is a far less effective instructional method. Which means, I can improve my skills to a certain degree via videos and books, but ultimately I need to be able to ask questions.

Came to tree cutting late in life. If I were in my twenties or thirties, then I'd do a full arborist course and apprentice for a company, even though frankly I have no interest in learning about things such as tree disease. Also, I'm no longer interested in lopping large trees, or trees in general. My one and true love is large palm trees. The first time I climbed one to do a cut and chuck my heart was well and truly lost...grin.

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